Garrison Data Services

Proactive Monitoring


Proactive Insights, Preventive Actions

It has been said that hindsight is 20/20.  What if insight had 20/20 vision as well?  What if you could monitor, locate, and resolve issues in your computer systems before they interfered with business operations?

With our proactive monitoring and management software, we can set up monitors, alarms, sentries, and tools to ensure your technology issues are caught and corrected before they become "technical difficulties".  Our technicians are notified at the slightest sign of something being off in your environment, and we can resolve and address problems before they grow in size and complexity.  With the right insight, comes the right action.  Count on Garrison Data Services to identify and provide that action, and your business will thank you for it with growth and prosperity.

Let's put the tools in place now to prevent your next I.T. outage!

Continuity Planning


Preparation For Every Situation

There is a classic example which illustrates the difference between disaster recovery, and business continuity planning:

"If your primary delivery truck breaks down on the side of the road while making an important delivery, what do you do?"

Disaster recovery addresses the replacement or repair of your primary delivery truck, and business continuity planning addresses how to keep the important delivery on schedule.  How do you plan on keeping your important deliveries on schedule?  Does your company have a plan in place for when your phone systems go down?  Do your employees know exactly what to do if your internet connection goes down?  Is a secondary continuity location established for your business to continue operations after the building you're leasing experiences a fire?

These questions and more are the type we can help you answer.  We will take a comprehensive look at the health of your business, identify your single points of failure, and establish plans of action with you to ensure your business stays up and running.

Let us help you build a strong, resilient business.