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Ransomware Protection


Don't Allow Your Business To Be Held Hostage

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that takes over a computer and locks away all of the files behind heavy encryption.  It is then impossible to decrypt your data and access it again without paying the ransom to your attackers and hoping for the best.  Often, perpetrators of a ransomware attack demand large sums of money within a very short time frame, and fail to deliver the encryption keys even if a ransom is paid.  When a business is hit by ransomware, it can lose days, months, or even years worth of client information and proprietary data.  No one is immune to ransomware attacks, and even the city of Atlanta was crippled for over a week when ransomware took down city infrastructure.  Don't allow your business to fall victim to cyber extortion.  We can put the systems in place today to keep your files safe.

Protect your business before ransomware strikes!

System Protection


Secure And Control Every Device

In today's modern, connected workplace, you have to be able to secure many types of devices.  From desktops to tablets, smartphones to laptops, employees may use or require them all.  So how do you keep track of everything?  How do you ensure software patches are being installed, that anti-virus is being updated?  How do you implement remote wipe capabilities for your mobile phones, and disk encryption for all your servers?  What about if people bring their own cell phones to work and use them to access company email?

If you're struggling to find the answers to questions like these, or if your employees are dumping unnecessary time and resources into technology, just trying to keep up, then you've reached the right place.  We can implement tracking, management, and security systems that will keep your business running smoothly, your computers secure, and your software updated.

Don't worry about keeping up with the latest security trends... we can take it from here.