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Disaster Recovery


Here For You In The Worst Of Times

There is a classic example which illustrates the difference between disaster recovery, and business continuity planning:

"If your primary delivery truck breaks down on the side of the road while making an important delivery, what do you do?"

Business continuity planning addresses how to keep the important delivery on schedule, and disaster recovery addresses how to replace your primary delivery truck.  How would you replace your primary delivery truck if it failed tomorrow?  More importantly, how would you replace your entire business if another hurricane Irma came through and tore it down?  If you have never spent time researching and deciding on concrete methods and actions you can take to rebuild your business from the ground up, the time immediately after a disaster will be even more stressful and emotional than it already is.  For many of us who own and run businesses, our business is our life.  We have poured our heart and souls into building and growing our businesses, and the last thing we want to think about is losing everything.  However, much like life, the best time to make the hard decisions is before disaster strikes.

There is a certain piece of mind that comes from knowing exactly which actions to take when the next hurricane rolls around.  There is a certain calm that comes from knowing your employees know exactly how to repair and resume work at your backup location if your main office burns down in a fire.

If you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're prepared for all situations, give us a call today.