Garrison Data Services

Infrastructure Engineering


hardware Design and construction for any size project

Whether you need a new branch office built out for two employees, or whether you need a new data center for your regional headquarters, Garrison Data Services can provide the infrastructure engineering expertise you need.  Our experience comes from working in military-grade data centers, and we have handled the design and construction of everything from single-server integrations to multi-host virtual environments for thousands of users.  We can handle cabling and connecting your new business location, as well as the design and integration of servers, desktops, and network infrastructure.  If you have any questions about integrating new hardware into your business, get in touch with Garrison Data Services today.

Need network cabling for your new offices?  Need infrastructure engineering expertise for integrating a new server?

Custom Computing


custom built Systems for any need

Here at Garrison Data Services, we believe in using the right tools to accomplish the task at hand.  Although a standard off-the-shelf computer can handle many everyday office tasks, many businesses that attempt to run high-performance software on standard computers quickly realize that their hardware isn't cut out for the job.  Realistic scene renders may take multiple days to complete.  Modelling applications may function at a basic level, but chug along or lag when a technician attempts to work with the software.  These issues (and more) cause multiple problems within a business, and increase employee frustration while decreasing productivity.

By custom-building computers and servers, Garrison Data Services is able to deliver exactly the type of computing horsepower you require for your specific business needs.  No money wasted on frivolous computing features.  No time wasted on waiting for computer systems to cooperate.  By utilizing the custom built computers we can provide, you will be able to accomplish the task at hand with minimal time and effort, and move on to earning more business.

For custom-built rendering nodes, or purpose-driven engineering computers, contact us today.