Garrison Data Services

Full Service Backups


Files, as a Service

We provide what we like to call "Files as a Service".  If you subscribe to a streaming video service, then you are already familiar with the concept behind our technology.  For example, with a streaming video service you never have to worry about how videos are delivered to you, or the maintenance and infrastructure that goes into bringing video to your screen.  You simply subscribe to the streaming video service of your choice and entertaining video is always available for your enjoyment.  We provide the same level of service for the files and documents that power your business. 

For a fixed monthly cost, we can provide you with stable, reliable, redundantly backed up network share drives.  Your data can be easily shared among employees and content creators via these high-performance network shares, and your files will be easily accessible from every computer in your business.  The best part?  You no longer have to worry about losing files, or someone accidentally deleting important records.  We can even revert incorrectly modified documents to earlier versions in seconds.

Say goodbye to worrying about maintaining file servers and equipment, or wasting time making copies of copies of files "just in case".  Say goodbye to worrying about hard drives and systems failing.  Say goodbye to worrying about a natural disaster wiping out your business documents.  We take care of everything in the background, and your business files remain safe, backed up, and available.  Consider your share drives managed. ✓

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System-Level Backups


Protection for Desktops, Servers, and Laptops

We provide backups at the whole-system level for the desktops, servers, and laptops in your business.  This means that if anything goes wrong, we are able to restore entire computer systems to specific points in time.  Imagine knowing that you could rebuild your primary business server in minutes.

Did a software installation break your main workstation?  Not an issue.  We can restore the entire machine to exactly as it was before the installation.  ✓

Did your primary server just go down due to a hard drive failure?  Not a problem, we can put in a new drive and restore the server within minutes.  ✓

Did you drop your laptop on the way to work, and now it no longer boots?  Don't worry, we can restore the entire laptop to new hardware.  ✓

Interested in worry-free system protection for all the computer systems in your business?

Archive Management


Custom Retention and storage options

We offer a number of solutions designed to provide long-term retention and archive options for your business.  Whether you need to ensure regulatory or legal record retention going back ten years or more, or whether you require supplemental archive options that work with your existing backup systems, Garrison Data Services is here for you.  We can work with you to set up long-term, cold-storage options for your business data, or integrate our existing backup infrastructure to provide you with additional layers of off-site redundancy.  Get in touch with us today, and consider your data retention handled.  ✓

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