Garrison Data Services

efficient, professional Management Services

When managing, planning, and maintaining technology becomes too time-consuming, most businesses are faced with only two possible options:

1. Hire a new employee to handle everything I.T. related (Expensive)

2. Do what they can with the resources they have, and struggle along for as long as possible (Time-consuming and risky)

These businesses are then trapped between an impossible choice.  Do they overspend on bringing in a new employee?  Or waste their employee's time dealing with inadequate I.T. systems?  They are left wondering whether there are really any good options, and their business stagnates as more and more time gets poured into dealing with I.T. repairs, mishaps, and complications.  Here at Garrison Data Services, we provide what we like to call "The Third Option":

3.  Hire a specialized firm, properly positioned value-wise to handle your I.T. systems for far less than the cost of a new employee (Wise)

For a fraction of the cost of a new employee (and none of the HR complications or benefits costs) we can provide a team of specialists, dedicated to serving your business and managing your technology.  We will properly position your I.T. systems for stability, so that you can devote your time and resources towards growing your business instead of dealing with I.T. challenges.  Give us a call today.

If you’re interested in spending less time managing technology, and more time managing your business, give us a call.